Terms of use Odsapka Holiday Home


We will be very grateful for your cooperation in complying with these rules, which are designed to ensure the peace and safety of all our guests. Getting started is tantamount to accepting the rules.

1. Only guests accommodated in the facility. Accepting guests without the owner’s consent is prohibited.

2.The accommodation starts at 16.00 and lasts until 10.00 the following day. Late check out additional fee 40 PLN / person. Arrivals other than 16.00-18.00 please reconcile.

3. We wish to extend your stay as far as you can (free accommodation).

4. The owner of the object reserves the right to the transfer of the guests if he / she does not advise the service of the desire to extend his stay and deposit it in another free room at the cost and risk of the guest.

5. The owner of the ODSAPKA holiday home is obliged to ensure:
– conditions of unfettered rest of guest,
– security of stay, including the confidentiality of visitor information, professional and polite service,
– performing the necessary repair of the equipment in the absence of the Guest, and in the case of its presence only if it agrees and wishes,
If possible, allocate another room, or otherwise alleviate inconvenience if the faults in the room can not be removed.

6. On the day of the guest’s stay, the guest is obliged to pay the total amount of the stay and the 1,86 € daily fee.

7. On the day of the accommodation, a refundable deposit of PLN 300 per room and PLN 500 per Apartment A and B is charged, which the owner is entitled to deduct for damages resulting from misuse of rooms and equipment.

8. A guest should notify the holiday home service of the occurrence of the damage immediately after it has been found.

9. The guest is liable for any damage including damage to or destruction of the object, items of equipment and technical equipment resulting from the reason for which he or she is responsible for the amount actually spent by the owner of the facility to repair the damage.

10. The owner of the object is not responsible for the things left in the room and outside the facility.

11. The children must be under constant supervision and supervision of their parents or carers.

12. In the ODSAPKA holiday home there is a silence from 22.00 to 6.00.

13.For fire safety, it is forbidden to use in rooms heaters, electric irons and other similar non-room equipment.

14. The ODSAPKA holiday home may refuse to accept a guest who has violated the property regulations during the previous stay or has caused damage to the property of the property owner or guests.

15.Parking provided to guests is unguarded and free of charge.

16. The property is completely non-smoking cigarettes, breaking it is equivalent to agree to cover the cost of dearomatisation in the amount of 1200 zł.

17. Pets in the property are not accepted, breach of this ban will result in an additional fee for disinfection in the amount of 500 zł

18. If the reason for the inaccurate data being made when booking online (eg number of persons or age of children) influencing the rental price, the guest is obliged to make a payment for the accommodation, immediately after the fact is confirmed by the service or the owner reserves You have the right to deduct the resulting payment from your deposit.

19. Please write in the form of written submissions, letter or email. Odsapka Holiday House reserves the right to consider the complaint up to 14 days.

Online booking rules



1. The reservation is deemed to be confirmed at the time of making the payment required for prepayment – in the amount and time indicated in the email confirmation of reservation.
2. RESERVATION – In the case of lack of availability of accommodation online can be offered Reservation On Request. Confirmation of availability (or lack thereof) and information on how to make a prepayment will be sent by e-mail.


1. The prepayment will be canceled automatically within the required period of time.
2. If canceled, the prepayment is non-refundable.
3. Cancellation or change of reservation is possible via the link contained in the email or by contacting the Service. Using the link in the email allows you to automatically cancel your reservation immediately, which, according to paragraph. II pt. 2 is not a refund of prepayment.
4. Non-use of the entire stay by a guest due to a later arrival than the date of booking or early departure does not result in the reduction or reimbursement of a portion of the payment for the service.


The person booking online is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the booking form. The accommodation is not responsible for the wrong choice of stay or wrongly entered data in the form. If you find any irregularities that can not be corrected by editing the reservation, please contact the Reception immediately.
Contact details are available in the “Contact” tab, at the top of the booking calendar and in e-mails.